Sublimation – A Mature Defence Mechanism

A defence mechanism is a psychological strategy, a manner of thinking and behaving, that we unconsciously use to protect us from anxiety that arise from ‘unacceptable’ thoughts or feelings fearing being judged by society and loved ones. Since it is about learnt behaviour, we can as adults get insights into this dynamic and thereby freeing […]

Mindfulness and Happiness – How Can Both Be True?

This holiday is a good time to practice mindfulness. As you might know by now, mindfulness is distinguished among other things by the focus on observing life and internal stimuli such as thoughts, feelings and sensations in a non-judgmental manner. Hence, not attaching any value, not positive or negative, to the experiences, but experience life […]

More About How To Heal Destructive Shame

The last posts have been about shame and how to heal the negative injuries of too much and self-critical shame. Over the last weeks I have introduced some of the important insights and building blocks to heal destructive shame, such as understanding: your attachment/relationship patterns – how you create and maintain bonds to other human […]