Reflections: More Happiness Research

Happiness research can according to be summarized in 10 points. Here are the first 5 of those: 1. Having a proactive life which includes continuously setting positive goals and tasks. Proactive people are 15% more satisfied with their lives than more passive people. 2. Having an active life with regular physical activity keeps both […]

Self-esteem: How To Enhance Self-efficacy

Much research has been conducted on the four major psychological processes through which self-efficacy affects human functioning and hence can be increased: 1. Cognitive Processes: Much human behaviour is intentional and regulated by forethought and valued goals. The stronger the perceived self-efficacy, the higher the goal challenges people set for themselves and the firmer is […]

Anxiety: More About Exposure

Here comes more details about how to make an exposure to overcome fears and avoidance behaviors. On Saturday, about the feeling fear, I will post important dimensions to consider before and after making an exposure. Remember: if you feel fragile or concerned, then these kinds of exercises are best done together with a licensed and […]

Stress: 3d Building Block: Use Stress Management Habits

This post is about the third of the 3 important building blocks of stress management: 1) regulate you stress level 2) handle stress sources and 3) use stress management habits. Stress Management Habits: 1) Stress-proof your daily life 1 Use the stress-scale, see separate post under stress on 2 Identify early warning signs such […]

Reflections, rest and celebration: Some More Happiness Research

There has been much research into the field of happiness since it is closely connected to perceived wellbeing. There are correlational findings about human happiness identified by psychologist Martin Seligman, one of the thought leaders within the field of positive psychology. He proposes the following 5 dimensions: 1. The importance of pleasures in daily life […]

Feelings – Fear and Phobias

As mentioned in the last post, fear is a powerful, primitive and lifesaving emotion. Fear makes us aware of danger and entails important learning mechanisms. We avoid things we fear based on what we have been through and experienced. Phobias entails having an avoidant behaviour toward specific situations and items. Usually phobias are developed towards […]

Self-esteem – How To Improve Self-efficacy

Bandura’s concept of self-efficacy is about one’s beliefs about one’s capability to perform specific tasks, independent of the value attached to that act. Self-efficacy has 4 main sources of influence: 1. The most effective way of creating a strong sense of efficacy is through experiences of mastery coming from achieved successes, which build a robust […]